With the new lockdown commencing today we would like to reiterate our position on providing Family Group in school.

Family Group is an essential therapeutic intervention for children at primary school who have been identified as having social, emotional and mental health needs, behavioural disorders, and / or special educational needs. Parental participation is fundamental to this holistic, systemic model. When consulted in September 2020 the DfE specifically endorsed the intervention continuing at Langford Primary, subject to the implementation of SFW’s Covid 19 Risk Assessment, previously distributed to all Family Group schools. The New National Restrictions from 5th November do not change that position.

The School & Family Works is the trading name of Transgenerational Change Ltd, a social enterprise. As a business, we are exempt from the new orders to close from 5th November since we provide ‘support groups’. "Support groups that are essential to deliver in person can continue with up to 15 participants where formally organised to provide mutual aid, therapy or any other form of support". 

We’ll be continuing to work with you, in person, in partnership, to help vulnerable families manage the additional challenges they’re facing. Please be assured that to avoid any additional risk of contagion, our ‘internal’ meetings (Team Meetings, Supervision etc) will move to online platforms for the duration of the lockdown.