We offer Family Groups at KS1, 2 and 3, based on Eia Asen, Neil Dawson and Brenda McHugh’s multi-family group work model pioneered at the Marlborough Family Centre in Westminster.


The Marlborough Multi-Family Therapy Group model is mentioned in ‘Every Child Matters’ (2003), profiled in the HM Treasury document ‘Aiming High for Children: Supporting Families’ and cited as a case study on The Department of Health’s ‘New Horizons’ (Dec 2009) site.  This model has a proven positive impact on behaviour, exclusion, mental health, academic achievement and parental functioning.


Our approach is to work with schools to recruit families who would most benefit from support.  Up to eight families sign up to attend the weekly three hour multi-family group, where parents work with their children in a structured session.  Family Group is jointly facilitated by one of our experienced therapists and by a senior member of the school staff.


In this short film, children and their parents share their experiences of Family Group.



This logic model explains how and why Family Group helps families manage the stresses and complexities of family life and facilitates lasting change.


"What’s made it work?  Telling people what our problems are instead of leaving them behind and making it worse.  You tell someone what your problems are and they get solved.  We help other people by telling them stuff they can do.  You learn about yourself."

Child – Southville Junior School


"As a human being, I feel a strange sense of what I think is ‘privilege.’  It’s a really good feeling watching the growing confidence of the parents as they begin to realise that they have skills they may have feared they were missing.  Long may it all continue!"

Arlette Ford – Deputy Head and SENCo, Forge Lane Primary School


"I would recommend this group to anyone that has a child or children with a behaviour problem.  It really helps them.  It has really, really helped me and my family."

Donna - Parent


The following video clip demonstrates the positive impact that Family Groups have on children and their attainment at school.  It is an extract from an interview with Victoria Eadie, Head of Feltham Community College ("FCC").  The FCC Family Group began in late 2010 and, in the three year period to 2013, it was generously funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  It is now self-funded by FCC.