Safeguarding in The School & Family Works (Transgenerational Change Limited)

Our mission is to create safe, nurturing and dynamic group environments where children and their parents, supported by professionals, gain the skills and confidence they need to change their behaviours and face up to their challenges in a way that achieves real, lasting change.

Our ethos is driven by our belief that relationships are vital in providing positive support for individuals, groups and families. By understanding and recognising the risks that families face and promoting protective factors which can support them, we are proactively creating a safer, more sustainable network in which they can thrive.

As an organisation, we are set up to work with and contain risk. Opportunities for support and challenge for therapists’ practice in all of our services are multiple, regular, and obligatory. Safeguarding is woven into our practice & policy throughout the organisation and monitored by our Safeguarding Group. We continually review and scrutinise our practice, structures and development in this area.