Yes Clubs extend the range of services that a school offers to support children who have been identified as 'vulnerable'. 


Yes Clubs focus on building self-esteem in children.  They occur after school and engage children who do not commonly attend after school clubs.  Typically, Yes Clubs meet once a week for two hours for 10 successive weeks of a school term.  Club meetings need to be attractive to the targeted children to secure their engagement and this is achieved by activity sessions which focus on 'stepping stones' towards desired changes.  Parents and teachers then support the children to take on weekly challenges. 


The children who benefit from this service tend to:

  • have low expectations of themselves
  • lack self esteem
  • be poorly motivated
  • lack confidence
  • be uncomfortable with themselves in social situations

Such children do not generally ‘act out’ or present challenging behaviour and their needs may be overlooked by staff, particularly on their transfer into secondary education.